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7 reasons you need to invest in a good SEO strategy

Many potential customers resort to the internet to search, review and compare before purchasing any new product or service. According to studies, 75 % of these potential customers only go so far as to scan the sites appearing on the first page of their Google search result (really diligent ones will go on up to page two, but never more) when conducting their research. What this means is that if your business isn’t among the top ten search results for that keyword, there is a good chance that you may have lost a customer to a competitor that ranks higher than you in the search engines.

Round the clock advertising

At this point, you may very well think, “I don’t need to invest in SEO. I’m already spending so much on traditional modes of advertising.” But did you know that traditional marketing efforts have a limited shelf life when compared to something like Search Engine Optimization or SEO that works for you 24/7, driving in sales, opt-ins and leads around the clock unlike any other means of promoting your business?

Targeted marketing

If your competition is driving organic traffic to his website, you can be assured that you losing out to him for not being in the fray. Targeting the right traffic to your website often translates into better conversions. A well planned SEO campaign, if done after diligent research and analysis, will address exactly this. You can get a decent idea of what you are competing against to gain the top spot and also look at targeting similar keywords so that you can tap into exactly what the searcher is looking for.

Thus the cost of having your website search engine optimized would mean that you have targeted traffic looking for the exact products/services that you are offering with a higher click-through rate as compared to any other mode of online advertising.

Insight into your customers likes and dislikes

Generating traffic to your website also allows you to track activity from analytical results. This gives you the ability to map the likes and dislikes of a broader audience. Every metric is measured by analytical tools such as Google Analytics which informs you about your bounce rates, the behavior of your visitors and the preferences on the website. What this means is that you can change your marketing strategy and website accordingly, so as to increase the number of conversions (from visitors to buyers) on your site.

The Bandwagon Effect

It is a well-known fact that searchers are more responsive to organic results (people tend to believe other people easily) displayed for a particular keyword in comparison to other forms of digital marketing (read ads). When people see your website among the top ten, they automatically accept that you have great credibility and do not really hesitate before placing an order or giving you their business.

Social media buzz: Great branding strategy

Social noise also plays a great role in influencing buying decisions today as a result of the two-way communication these platforms enable. With the right SEO expert, you can have more of your content shared with your customers and together you can push your brand to larger audiences and networks faster than any other medium there is. Nothing influences people more than a referral from someone you know and trust. Creating a social media buzz is thus the best way of branding your products or services quickly.

All-Pervasiveness of Digital Channels

Earlier in the day, SEO was only limited to desktops. But thanks to the ubiquitousness of the cellphone, there has been a sudden rise in searches performed on mobile devices at a pace that very few industry experts predicted. This has not only broadened the scope of how you can access potential customers looking for your products or services but also proved that the online forum is here to stay.

Long-Term Strategy

While the Pay Per Click aka the PPC model (an online advertising model where advertisers are only charged when a customer actually clicks on their ad) lasts only for as long as budgets allow, SEO is a great long-term strategy adopted by many to propel their businesses ahead. Over the years, your site will gain a stronger reputation in the eyes of the search engines. And once you begin appearing on page one of a search engine, psychology takes over as potential customers repeatedly seeing you in the top ranks establish you as an authority figure. In the days of ‘Googling’ everything, ranking up there among the top ten, automatically means that you are taking your business to potential buyers, rather than waiting for the buyers to come to you.

No doubt, SEO is a complex beast with plenty of techniques. Organic results in search engines will always appear in addition to paid adverts, which is a strong indication that SEO is not going to go away any time soon. And though there isn’t any set or prescribed way of doing it, the fact remains that it can do wonders for your business.

There are a whole bunch of factors that determine a successful SEO campaign, such as competition whether global or local, on-page optimization, the month’s searches for keywords, social interactions and the right keyword research. An optimized combination of all these factors is what helps drive an effective solution for your business. And with search engines like Google constantly updating their algorithms and dishing update after update (to counter spam), you need someone who knows what they are doing. Yes, techniques for ranking may change from time to time, but the concept of SEO has remained constant over the years. Maybe you’ve tried SEO strategies in the past and have seen little or no results. However, this is not because SEO is dead, but because it was probably not done right. Proper implementation by experienced SEO consultants will not only drive organic traffic to your site but also result in a huge spike in inquiries and sales which can all be worked to add value to your campaign.

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