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Common Branding Mistakes


When people think of Branding done extremely well, they think of Brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, Lego, Apple and distinctively the colours they have secured with the brand i.e. Coke with the red, Nike with the swoosh, Lego with multi colours, Apple with the apple symbol and so on. The next thought that usually comes to mind is the extensive marketing budgets these big companies have and how a small business could never compete by the level of investment. Which of course, is overwhelming.

On the other hand, they had to start somewhere and in most cases, had a small budget like any new start-up business. You just have to avoid these common branding mistakes:

  1. Not understanding the power of a brand. Take the time to define your brand and create a branding point of difference.
  2. The importance of SEO, the better SEO for your business the better online presence you have and the quicker you grow.
  3. Stick to brand guidelines for consistency and recognition. Establish brand guidelines and style guide such as logo, colours, fonts, etc.
  4. Don’t over complicate your brand, keep your logo simple, your colour scheme simple, your message clear as to not confuse your consumers.
  5. Monitor your brand and how other people talk about it, also police the use of your logos and ensure your brand is always represented in the correct way.
  6. If you are revamping your brand, we strongly suggest a change policy and communication plan. Keep in touch with your followers and explain to them the reasons for change and encourage them to follow you.
  7. People brand their business but forget they personally represent the business too, you need to not only brand your business but brand yourself. How do you want to be perceived? Are you a true brand ambassador for your business?

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