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How to create engaging video content on social media

Smart Insights states that Content Marketing is one of the must-have elements of your marketing strategy for 2018 and 2019, and they specifically mention videos as being the main content driver. So, what do you have in your content planner when it comes to videos? and how do you create a video that grabs peoples attention?

One of the greatest benefits of video marketing is the way you can create brand awareness and tell a story about a brand, product, experience or service and over the past year, we have learned some great tips to ensure your video stands out.

Before you start scripting

One of the most important things to consider before you start scripting out your content is that on social media, people only view a video for approximately 2 mins, where as if it is featured on YouTube or your own website, people may watch for up to 5 mins. According to Hubspot, the optimal video length to drive engagement, shares, and brand awareness on Facebook is one minute, and on Instagram, it’s 30 seconds, but videos who get the most comments are no longer than 26 seconds. SO, MAKE IT COUNT!!

Facebook and Instagram Videos Facts

  • over 65% are viewed on mobile
  • Videos can autoplay in news feed
  • Videos usually have a shorter shelf life
  • There is information and video overload, so make sure yours stand out.
  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound

Restrictions on Facebook and Instagram Videos

There are also some small but important differences between Facebook and Instagram videos. While Facebook videos have a minimum width of 400px, Instagram videos require at least 600px to be displayed in the feed.

Instagram videos cannot be longer than 60 seconds, while Facebook videos can be as long as 240 minutes. Also, Facebook has a 125-character limitation, whereas Instagram allows for up to 2200 characters.

Making your video stand out

  • You have 3 seconds to get their attention
  • Get straight to the point
  • Open with a hook, question or fact
  • Use rich imagery or footage to catch their eye
  • Use subtle branding cues
  • Give them reason to watch until the end, keep it engaging.

Your thumbnail matters

Your thumbnail could be the difference between someone watching your video or not, this is almost as important as the video content.

With or without sound

As stated earlier, 85% of videos are viewed with no sound. This means they are watching at work, in loud spaces or in a location that could make it awkward. Make sure that you make use of captions, so the video has the same impact with or without sound.

Choose the right call to action

Call to actions are things like ‘watch more’, subscribe’, ‘Learn more’ but be mindful to not be too salesy with the ‘shop now’ too often.