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WiX or WordPress which is best?

It is not always an easy decision when trying to decide what platform to build your new website on and of course, you want it to look amazing but you also want it to perform well.

The last thing you want to do is sink a whole lot of your time into creating your ideal site, to find out that it doesn’t have the ability or all the features you need. So, I thought I would try and help make your decision easier by comparing two of the most used platforms, being WIX and WordPress.

Quick Overview

When analysing both platforms and based on my personal experience building on both WIX and WordPress, there were three common factors that clients were looking for in a platform.

  1. Ease of use i.e. do you need to be a coding expert to not only build it but maintain it and edit the website after being set up?
  2. Flexibility, for example. if you select one of the available templates, can it be further customised to suit your needs?
  3. Does it have all the abilities and functions that you need for your business?

What I have noticed is that Wix appears to be more consumer friendly from an editing and ease of use point of view, but Wix does lack certain abilities and functions that WordPress on the other hand use to their advantage. There are noticeable differences in available functions especially when it comes to maintenance, price, security, and SEO. So, let me break it down a little further for you.

Ease of use

Wix definitely wins this vote. For a beginner, Wix is easy to use. They have a decent amount of templates to choose from, and you do not need to be a website developer to get a nice simple looking site. However, being simple and easy to use may not mean it is the right platform or that it has the right functions.

I will be honest, WordPress is harder to use, but in saying that, it all depends on the template, the number of pages and what function you want it to have. It won’t take you long to figure it out how to build a simple blog page, however, for a complete website particularly if you want to sell products and services, you do not need some level of experience or to be a developer in order to set up correctly, bearing in mind some templates are more complex than others.


This is where Wix falls down. WordPress has so much more flexibility when it comes to getting the functions and customisation you desire. To give you an idea of the scale of flexibility, Wix apparently has approx. 288 apps for customisation whereas, WordPress has approx. 53,000. A big difference one would say. So, before you decide on a platform to start building your website, look into the Wix apps and make sure it will do all you want it to do.

Selling products and services i.e. e-commerce

Do both Wix and WordPress have the ability to sell online… the answer is yes, but as advised earlier, Wix has limitations with flexibility. Wix is fine for a very basic store, but if you need multiple sizes, colours, freight etc. it may have some difficulties and from experience can be a little more costly than WordPress.

Who owns and controls the data?

A recent article I read on, who did this same comparison raised some red flags here. “With WordPress, you’re always in full control of all your data. You can download, export, or manipulate 100% of the data on your site because you control everything” (Source: With Wix, they own it..which is definitely a concern. Also, read my summary of they GDPR update and your requirements for managing customer data.


This is where Wix is proactive, they appear to do most of the site maintenance for you. One less thing for you to worry about. They do all the updates and security. Due to the large scale of flexibility with functions and customisation, it is impossible for WordPress to have a one size fits all approach. This is why they make you in charge of security, backups, updates etc. again though, with over 53,000 plugin options, you can be assured there are plugins to automatically do this for you.


This is a little trickier to answer. It appears that WordPress works out to be a little cheaper in the long run, as a lot of their plugins a free (some not though), they do charge a little more for their templates though, this is because some of these plugins come with the templates. In the case of Wix, they charge a monthly fee, and for every add-on app i.e. form builder, e-commerce, blog, they charge an additional monthly usage fee. which means, if you have a complex site, can work out to be quite costly, on top of your hosting and management fees.


Here, they are fairly similar. Wix in the past, was very poor in this category, however over the years has lifted their game massively for SEO and both are pretty good. WordPress does have some more advanced SEO plugins though for some serious indexing, crawling and blocking. Again, this would benefit a more complex site and isn’t much concern for basic/simple sites.


Well, if it was me, I would go WordPress all the way. Purely just because of the flexibility and functions and the fact I would own the data. I am however a web developer, so it is easier for me. That being said, we have built some beautiful user-friendly sites on Wix and ease of use has been a massive drawcard for beginners.

If you want to chat a little further about your website needs, contact me today and I can go into more detail.