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Tips To Improve Your Youtube Marketing

So you’ve made a start with marketing through Youtube – great! Now here are a few things you could try to improve your results.

Think outside the box
Sure, you have a message you want to convey, but the viewers want videos that will entertain them. Try thinking laterally about a video that doesn’t appear to be linked to your product or service, but ultimately conveys the right message. For example, if there’s a new product being launched, think of a funny or engaging video about excitement. Hook the viewers in, then offer more info or your call to action at the end. Be careful of over-using this tactic though, or making it so obscure that the viewers don’t understand what they’ve watched.

Consider keywords
Recognise that when people are finding your Youtube videos, they’re in the early stages of researching their purchase. They’re looking for information, so use keywords to make sure your video appears prominently in their searches. Your videos should then give them the info they’re looking for based on those keywords.

You can use the Google AdWords Display Planner to research keywords that should appear in your video descriptions and ad targeting.

Use some trial-and-error to test your different keywords. You should use words with at least 1000 monthly impressions to get a good idea of their effectiveness. Set a low ad budget to start with to make sure you don’t spend the whole budget on a single keyword. You can increase it later when you’ve worked out which ones are performing best.

Videos that lead to click-throughs
Your video needs to inform and engage the viewer just enough to hook them in, but leave them wanting more. At the end of the video, there could be a message along the lines of “we explain this more at our website” with your domain name.

Trial and Error
It can take some time to figure out what works for your product. Play with different types of videos, and different lengths, and different target audiences, and study the results.

Optimise your channel page
Potential customers who’ve just discovered your brand will do more than just watch your videos – they’ll have a look at your channel page too. Make sure it lists relevant information about your company and links to your web page and social media profiles. Your banner header can include four clickable links, so make sure you include calls to action here.

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